Pediatric Dentistry is Now in the Diamond Braces Family: Comprehensive Care for Your Children at 86th Street in Bensonhurst

Comprehensive Care for Your Children at 86th Street in Bensonhurst

Diamond Braces is thrilled to introduce a brand-new location, offering a brand-new service: pediatric dentistry! Our practice on 86th St. in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, will offer full-service dental care for children ages 0-18. With a kid-friendly office, dedicated pediatric dentists specializing in care for growing teeth and bones, and friendly staff members to help your family keep their smiles fresh and healthy, this is dental care kids and parents will both love!

Early dental care is critical to a lifetime of health for your children. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends your child see a dentist within six months of their first tooth, and no later than their first birthday.

Why is Early Dental Care Important?

  • Healthy baby teeth help protect the adult teeth underneath, which promotes healthy development and growth
  • Detecting improper tooth development early offers the opportunity to intervene and redirect growth
  • Assessing potential orthodontic needs early can minimize the length and severity of later treatment
  • Introducing young children to proper oral hygiene means they’ll know how to take care of their teeth for a lifetime of proper care, healthy teeth, and a beautiful smile!

The Diamond Braces team has been offering quality orthodontic services for over 20 years, helping 100,000+ people achieve their dream smiles. We’re proud to extend our AAA commitment to our youngest patients, with pediatric dentistry designed to build a lifelong of happy, healthy teeth!

Our pediatric dentists in Bensonhurst are pleased to offer your family comprehensive dental care for kids of all ages. They specialize in preventative care and encouraging healthy dental habits, starting with daily oral hygiene routines at home. They will educate your children on proper care for their teeth, giving them fun and engaging tips for keeping their teeth healthy, strong, and white! Bring your children to Diamond Braces for routine cleanings and fluoride treatments, as well as regular check-ups, including any necessary x-rays and imaging.

When issues do crop up, our dentists are experts in all pediatric dental interventions designed to treat and prevent further damage. We provide sealants, cavity treatments, root canals, and all necessary restorative work. We provide a friendly, no-fear environment, so your kids can keep smiling even during treatment!

Another great benefit of Diamond Braces pediatric dentistry? We’re right next door to Diamond Braces orthodontics! That means early intervention and detection of potential orthodontia cases, and seamless coordination of care between our dentists and orthodontists.

Having an outside dentist refer your child to a separate orthodontist can cause major headaches, due to insurance incompatibility or records getting lost between offices. Keep it simple with Diamond Braces, where your children’s dental care is streamlined with their orthodontic treatment, headache-free! That means less stress for you, and a more comfortable experience for them.

Our pediatric dentistry services are all covered by dental insurance. Our friendly, supportive administrators take care of all billing directly, saving you the hassle of negotiating with your insurance. Our orthodontic care is also covered by insurance, and we offer flexible monthly payment plans to make it easy for you to pay for your child’s orthodontia.

If you have questions about payment or insurance, feel free to call the 86th Street office at (646) 766-9333.

Click here to schedule a visit for your children – sign up multiple children at once! We look forward to providing your family a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.